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No need to kiss up to Jesus

The other day my wife and I were out shopping when she said to me, “Ha,ha, did you see that?”

Me:  “No, what?”

Her:  “That little girl over there just gave her mom the sweetest, biggest kiss…”

Me:  “OK?”

Her:  “…and then asked her mother if she would buy her something!”

If you’re a parent you’ve been there, right?  And most of the time we say ‘NO.’  But once in a while that cuteness gets to us and we give in.  We cave.

This incident got me thinking immediately.  Isn’t this how we often approach Jesus when we need him to intervene in our life?  Especially when we are the reason things are the way they are.  If we’re really honest, we know this isn’t how Jesus works.  But for some reason, we make him promises and try harder and harder to live ‘perfect’ lives so that he might be more apt to do us a favor.

Here’s the thing.

Yes, Jesus wants you and I to live holy lives….but mostly because he knows that’s the only way we can really be happy, healthy, and safe in this life.  We’re his kids, and he wants to bless us and give us gifts more than our earthly parents want to.

Like earthly parents, however, Jesus can see right through us when we are kissing up.  So just do your best at living for him and come to him as you are.  Do it today…right now.  Just admit to him the areas you need to work on, and then tell him where you need help.  By the way, we need his help in a BIG WAY in EVERY PART of our lives.  So, rely on him in every portion of your life instead of just the difficult or empty parts.  If you do this I’ll bet you will notice a huge difference in how you see your life today and where it is headed tomorrow.

So don’t kiss up to Jesus…give up to Jesus!

Comments are very much appreciated.  God bless.


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You have a ‘friend request’ from God

facebook-friend-request“The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one.” (Joan Baez)

In our current world of mobile technology and online networking, it is literally possible to have conversations with tens or even hundreds of people a day. Whether its email, cell phone, texting, Facebook, Skype, or Twitter…our connectability with others has become virtually unlimited. In fact, I’m Facebook chatting with a friend as I’m writing this blog. There are some definite drawbacks, however, to take notice of.

With most of this online networking, we lose so much of the voice tone, body language, and sharing of emotions. If there’s a problem in a relationship, we’ve grown to take the ‘easy’ route and simply email our concerns and frustrations to the offending party. If the issue is too uncomfortable to deal with, we then simply ignore emails and texts as if there were a technical problem.

Now let’s turn this around to examine this dynamic between us and God. Do you suppose that many of us tend to treat our relationship with Jesus in the same manner at times? Sure, we may Skype him via video chat when we REALLY need him, but most of the time it might just be a simple prayer text or wall post on Facebook that he might happen to notice. Check out this Bible Tweet…

Romans 5:11 reads:

So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God. (NLT)

Jesus intentionally made us (you and I) friends of God! It doesn’t stop there though. This is not the same reference as the kind of friend you went through school with. Looking deeper into this text, especially at the Greek translation, the issue of atonement comes into play. You see, we are not just BFFs with God the Father, Jesus made us RIGHT with him. He ‘fixed’ our relationship. All God asks of us is to actively enjoy growing close to him!

This week, may you NOT miss out on some personal time with God. Invite him to Starbucks and chat over a hot latte. Ask him to go for a walk with you in the park. Whatever it is, may you discover the joy in that ‘wonderful new relationship’ this week. He’s got his cell phone on….and he’s not screening his calls!

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