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One Word for the Entire Year

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If you could choose just one word to hold on to throughout all 12 months of 2014, what would it be?  What would your focal theme for your life be this year?

In January of 2013, I wrote a blog post on my #OneWord365 for the year.  It was so effective that I’m doing it again this year.

As I pondered and prayed over the past few weeks about what my #OneWord365 for next year might be, I think I’ve figured it out.


Let me honest with you.  Last year my word was STRIVE.  And I did.  I strove toward some great goals and made amazing progress in those areas.  But I was not highly intentional with every key aspect of my life.  So, what does INTENTIONAL look like for me?  It can be summed up in two key areas.

INTENTIONAL in my eating patterns – Back in October, I experienced what it was like to really eat healthy foods.  It was through the Daniel Fast, a 21-day special fast allowing only a few natural foods.  I was able to be successful with this extremely restrictive diet plan.  Now it’s time to put some intentionality to work for the long haul.  Losing some inches around my waist by eating wiser will increase my self-image, improve my health, and give me more energy.

INTENTIONAL with my time management – This one involves many other pieces.  Last year, I learned how to schedule things that led to accomplishing some Spiritual health and physical goals.  And it worked.  Now that those things have become routine (meaning I no longer have to schedule them), I’m excited to implement this practice with my work in the ministry.  In many ways, 2014 will require more faith and intentional time management of me than previous years.  This will mean scheduling events on my calendar for personal study, writing, communications, and investing in the lives of my leaders and others around me.

So, what do you do once you have your #OneWord365?  

Blog about it.  Post it all over social media.  Design a graphic for your word, then set it as your desktop on your computer, tablet, and smart phone.  And finally, tell others.  Letting others know our goals causes us to take them more seriously.

One more thing.  In January, schedule times to re-evaluate your progress throughout the year.  Select a day and time, about every 3 months, to spend a good hour or two reflecting on your original goals.  Put this in your calendar.  Set reminders.

What is your #OneWord365?

Join the community.  Follow myself and #OneWord365 on Twitter…and share your word.

May 2014 be a year of health, improvement, and inspiration for you.  God bless.

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Reach for the sky

Genesis 11:4 reads:“Let’s build a great city with a tower that reaches to the skies-a monument to our greatness! This will bring us together and keep us from scattering all over the world.”

This was a shrine to the people…..NOT to God. The intent was to pat themselves on the back as well as to make a name for themselves; so that they would be known throughout the land. The people would be known for thousands of years for the structural marvel that they had created all on their own. God, however, wasn’t involved in their plans at all and construction was never completed.

Let me ask you a question. How much do you tend to include the creator of the universe in your life monuments? 30%?… 50%?… 75%? And is it the smaller monuments, the biggest ones, or all of them? I guess there’s even a bigger question than this that must be posed. At the end of the day do you long for personal accolades on your accomplishments, or do you sincerely hope that Christ’s name is elevated because of your efforts. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We all need reasonable amounts of acknowledgment now and then to maintain a healthy self-worth and motivation for tomorrow. You see, I guess it boils down to this. There are things that all of us can accomplish on our own and without direct intervention from God…but why would we want that? Why would any of us desire substandard results when our heavenly Father is standing right there saying,

“Let me help you. Please, just ask me.”This week, may you long to see the possibilities in your life through God’s eyes and not your own. May you also not remain content with substandard results. Build that monument (whatever it may be) into the clouds…then place “Thanks to God” on a plaque at the entrance.

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The last word

Proverbs 16:1-3 from The Message reads:

“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word. Humans are satisfied with whatever looks good; God probes for what is good. Put God in charge of your work, then what you’ve planned will take place.”

Do you believe that today…does God truly have the last word? Have you ever put tons of energy and effort into getting certain plans just the way you want them…only to have God mess it all up? “How dare he! How could he do that with all my good intensions?” But here’s the problem with our ‘good intensions’ most of the time. We have zero guarantee that any of it will succeed! Usually, the problem ends up being that we simply did not consult with God via prayer and reading of the Word in order to receive his blessing first. Once we have that we can be assured that we’re on the right track.
Now look at the other half of the above verses. Then, read this quote below by speaker and author, Leondard Sweet from his book, “Soul Tsunami.”

“The church is bursting at the seams with rationality, decency, order, dignity, and predictability. What it needs is the holy intoxications of foolishness, humor, craziness, outrageousness, creative disorder, and passion.”

In relation to the church, God’s church, do you see any correlation between the Proverbs passage and Pastor Sweet’s statement? If so, what is it? Please email me or comment on the blog with your thoughts.
This week, may your plans be beautifully painted on the canvas of your ‘to do’ list…and may you allow God to hold the brush.

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