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One Word for the Entire Year

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If you could choose just one word to hold on to throughout all 12 months of 2014, what would it be?  What would your focal theme for your life be this year?

In January of 2013, I wrote a blog post on my #OneWord365 for the year.  It was so effective that I’m doing it again this year.

As I pondered and prayed over the past few weeks about what my #OneWord365 for next year might be, I think I’ve figured it out.


Let me honest with you.  Last year my word was STRIVE.  And I did.  I strove toward some great goals and made amazing progress in those areas.  But I was not highly intentional with every key aspect of my life.  So, what does INTENTIONAL look like for me?  It can be summed up in two key areas.

INTENTIONAL in my eating patterns – Back in October, I experienced what it was like to really eat healthy foods.  It was through the Daniel Fast, a 21-day special fast allowing only a few natural foods.  I was able to be successful with this extremely restrictive diet plan.  Now it’s time to put some intentionality to work for the long haul.  Losing some inches around my waist by eating wiser will increase my self-image, improve my health, and give me more energy.

INTENTIONAL with my time management – This one involves many other pieces.  Last year, I learned how to schedule things that led to accomplishing some Spiritual health and physical goals.  And it worked.  Now that those things have become routine (meaning I no longer have to schedule them), I’m excited to implement this practice with my work in the ministry.  In many ways, 2014 will require more faith and intentional time management of me than previous years.  This will mean scheduling events on my calendar for personal study, writing, communications, and investing in the lives of my leaders and others around me.

So, what do you do once you have your #OneWord365?  

Blog about it.  Post it all over social media.  Design a graphic for your word, then set it as your desktop on your computer, tablet, and smart phone.  And finally, tell others.  Letting others know our goals causes us to take them more seriously.

One more thing.  In January, schedule times to re-evaluate your progress throughout the year.  Select a day and time, about every 3 months, to spend a good hour or two reflecting on your original goals.  Put this in your calendar.  Set reminders.

What is your #OneWord365?

Join the community.  Follow myself and #OneWord365 on Twitter…and share your word.

May 2014 be a year of health, improvement, and inspiration for you.  God bless.

Comments are welcome below, or you can leave me a voice message HERE.



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“I want my nap!”

photo by:  ©iStockphoto.com/sturti

photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/sturti

“I need a nap more than my workout today.”

Translated…”I want a nap more than anything else right now!”  (said with an ever so slight whine)

This was my Friday afternoon.  A 6:30 am meeting at work began my day, followed by a full day of work and running errands around town.  By 2:30, I had hit that ‘brick wall’ and my brain literally began to shut down.  So, I told my wife that I’d probably not go to the gym with her and grab me a nap instead.  Understand, we have been working out together 6 days a week since the first of January (2013).  She didn’t really give me a choice.  She said, “Oh, no…you’re going to workout today.  And you’ll thank me later.”

Well, I went.  I exercised.  And I did not get my nap.


…I did thank my wife!

Afterward, I felt a new energy and alertness.  I was so glad she challenged me.

There is a lot to be said for having accountability built in to our life.  Even if it takes someone you love telling you that your priorities are unaligned.

So encourage each other and build each other up…    1 Thessalonians 5:11a

Question:  What priorities of yours are out of order?  Or…who do you need to encourage to stay on track today?



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I didn’t have time today.

photo by: lifehack.org

How many times have we all said those words?  I didn’t have time to…

…make breakfast, so I grabbed fast-food


…brush my teeth (gross)

…tell my kids I love them

…sit together with the family for dinner

…spend 15 minutes with Jesus this morning

Lately, I’ve been catching myself starting to say  “I didn’t have time to fill in the blank.”  You know what I’ve found?  I can easily swap out the word ‘have‘ for ‘make‘ and the statement becomes more accurate….every time!  Of course, the difficulty is being humble and brutally honest with ourself.  Take a look at this verse.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.   Ecclesiastes 3:1

You see, its a lie that we don’t have time.  We really do.  Admit it.  You and I have the same amount of time to work with every day.  Its a delicate matter of stewardship, and there are 3 keys which drive this expense account.

Priorities – For me, waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to spend some much needed time in God’s Word was a decision I had to make for myself.  The trade-off was worth losing that small amount of sleep.  Its healthy to regularly re-examine our priorities and look at why we are giving one particular time expense more importance than something else.

Determination – The ability to say ‘NO’ is critical when dealing with time management.  I recall a recent author who said that we must learn the art of saying NO to many good things in order that we are able to say YES to a few great things.

Accountability – To really be intentional about making every minute of your day count, build accountability into it.  Make a couple small changes at first.  Then, tell a co-worker, small group, spouse, or friend about those items and ask them to simply ask you regularly how you’re doing.

I’ve given you an easy way to remember these.  PDA is commonly known as Public Displays of Affection.  Ironically, if we are able to put into practice healthy Priorities, Determination, and Accountability….the results may very well be observed as forms of Public Displays of Affection.

Do any of your priorities need rearranging?  What great things have you said NO to in the past 6 months?  Who can be (or is) your accountability safety net?

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Church Leadership

Recently, I was listening to a leadership podcast by Perry Noble.  Something he said really stuck with me and I thought I’d share it with you.  With regards to church leadership, specifically support staff and volunteers, he requires these three things:

In this order, they must love…


…their church

…their Lead Pastor

I totally agree!  And this holds true for any church, any area of ministry, any circumstance.  This level of profession clarifies their individual salvation and walk with Christ.  It also determines their commitment of service and loyalty to their church.  Lastly, it says this… “I care for my Pastor, and I fully support his calling and vision for this church.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone should simply agree with their pastor on everything.  All leadership, especially pastors, need accountability.  But Biblical accountability needs to come from those who can honestly say that they love Jesus, their church, and the Pastor.  Anyone who cannot make these three basic statements should not be in key leadership in the Church…period.

I am happy to say that I am currently serving on staff at a church where it is very easy to make these statements.  In my 24 years of being a Christian and serving in various churches, I’m sad to say that this hasn’t always been the case.

What are your thoughts and experiences on this topic?  Do you agree or disagree?  Post your comments below.

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