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God’s Really NOT Weird!

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I was reading in Joshua 6 recently about the Israelites blowing trumpets and shouting as their attack strategy from God to overtake Jericho.  It really is a crazy story.  I don’t think any of us would have ever thought of going about it that way.

We often say that God’s ways are not our ways, and that He tends to do things in a creative and unorthodox manner.

Then a thought occured to me!

What if His ways are completely normal?  And what if our ways of approaching situations and tasks are simply infantile and rediculous?

Maybe if we really learned that our ways of thinking are no where near God’s ways, we might stop praying for specifics regarding the ‘how’ …and pray more toward our change of heart to receive God’s providence when He gives us a solution….no matter how weird it may seem.

It really boils down to our expectations, doesn’t it?  When we pray for God to move, are we expecting Him to think as a human….or think as a Creator?  How we answer that question probably defines how we react when He does move.

This week, may we be able to ask Him for miracles….and then have the faith required to accept His solutions.

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