A four-letter word!

I’m on the tail end of my vacation.  So check out this guest post by my friend and sister-blogger, Sharita Knobloch.

The room was dark. All was quiet. But my mind was swirling… Various items of my “To Do” list were zipping through my head… Unpack boxes. Call the Internet company. Paint. Hang Curtains. Blog. Make the weekly menu. Update Budget.

My heart started to race and a sinking feeling of panic overtook me. There was no way sleep was coming any time soon. But then suddenly… I heard His Voice.

“REST, my child… Tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own. My mercies are new every morning. Be still and know I’m God. Trust me.”

Gulp. Ok, God. Heard ya.

So I laid there, staring at the ceiling, taking some deep breaths, praying, releasing my seemingly important list to Him. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep.

And guess what? I was able to face the next day RESTED, with peace and confidence.  Amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for a gal, right?

REST.   A four-letter word that so many people treat as, well, a four-letter-word.

We live in a world of GO-GO-GO and DO-DO-DO. The busier you are the better. (Or so society seems to think.) I’ve met folks that take pride in the fact that they have so much going on or they haven’t taken a vacation in forever, or work seven days a week.

Treating “rest” like a dirty word and keeping a hurried pace of life isn’t healthy. When we are that worn out, we are running on fumes and can’t give our best to the One who called us to serve, whether it be in family life, our jobs, in our community or our church.

Do you treat “rest” like a dirty word or as a God-given tool to recharge our hearts? Heck, God made the world and even HE rested on the seventh day. Think about it.

Dear readers, I challenge you to take a good look at your life—pray, asking the Lord to show you any areas which you need to rest a bit. From vacation, to sleep, to just taking a little time to relax and do nothing, remember that REST isn’t a dirty word… It’s a powerful, mighty and simple gift given to us by our incredible Creator.

Let’s rest on that truth.

Sharita’s bio:

A personal pep-talker and Jesus lover at heart, Sharita Knobloch is a chocolate-indulging, pseudo-running, enthusiastically creative minister, writer, and Spiritual Leadership Coach.  She blogs regularly and hosts a ministry called 7 Days Time which encourages others to find Jesus in the everyday. Whenever she gets the chance, she enjoys exploring her current “home” state of Washington with her Beloved U.S. Army Infantry husband Brandon, new baby girl Charis and their hilarious puppy, Sweet Justus.

Sharita headshot

Connect with Sharita via her website, Facebook or Twitter.


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One response to “A four-letter word!

  1. Yeah, I really do treat it like a four letter word. Or, at least a concept that’s annoying like a fly that keeps bugging me at the park. This summer’s been a rest-averse time with the increased medical needs of one of my kids and the way-more-than-I-realized world of editing and prepping a book for publication. I can’t wait for the fall. At first, because I’m thinking “finally! I’ll be able to actually make a dent in this workload!” but as I read your post here and let God speak to me, I know it’s going to have to be to include some intentional rest time in each week, too. Even if there ARE only a few hours a day with the kids in school…. 🙂

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