3 days with God, myself, and false assumptions

Recently, I was able to take three days out of town for a much needed Sabbatical.  The last time I did this was one year ago, and our staff are allowed to do this once every three months (I need to get better at doing this more often).  I was experiencing some early signs of burnout.  Spiritually, I was dry.  Professionally, I was not putting my best efforts into my ministry area.  There was this highly emotional ‘pull’ for me to get away.  So, after my wife had hers, I finally got away.  I was so ready for this.  I even felt a bit choked up as I hit the highway toward Atlanta.

Click HERE to read about my last 3-day Sabbatical, exactly one year ago.

Have you ever thought you knew what a particular experience was going to be….only to realize afterward that you were way off, but it was still good?  This has been my experience twice now with Sabbaticals.

My conclusion?

Stop having specific expectations.  Seriously.  From now on, my plan will be to focus on physical rest, reading, and Bible study/meditation.  I’ve also learned that to assume what God wants to do through my quiet-time actually limits Him.  If I’m expecting one thing, I can completely miss out on something else…..which is usually much better!

How do you stay Spiritually rejuvenated?

And what things tend to get in the way of this?  Please comment or leave a voice message.



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