Where are the miracles today?

photo by: insidetheshrink-dailygrace.blogspot.com

photo by: insidetheshrink-dailygrace.blogspot.com

During our weekly staff Crave (prayer) recently, I was reading and praying through Romans 6:1-14.  The passage really addresses the issue of God’s powerful grace and our freedom in this new life with Him.  And that sin no longer has power over you and I.

As I meditated on these words for a while, I wrote down this single thought.

Our transformed lives should be the most glaring ‘sign & wonder’ that points others to the evidence and saving grace of Jesus!

Our church has been recently looking at many big questions that believers are wrestling with today.  One of those is the issue of signs and wonders, and why we don’t tend to see God’s hand at work today like when He parted the Red Sea or fed over 5,000 people with a child’s lunch.

Here’s what we’re discovering.  He is!

For a drug addict, prostitute, criminal, or perpetual liar to be transformed and used to advance God’s kindgom is truly a miracle…..a modern-day ‘sign and wonder.’

So, here is a question for you.

Where have you seen God working a ‘sign and wonder’ in your life or in the life of someone you know?  Think…look for it.  He is still performing the miraculous today.  All we need to do is learn to notice it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Comment below or leave me a voicemail.

God bless!



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3 responses to “Where are the miracles today?

  1. Scott Householder

    I agree. When people question if miracles still happen, I question their perception. God works every day in every place. We look for massive movements, but that is not how the wind blows. The Spirit moves alot in imperceptible ways. It us the small movements that lead to kingdom changes.

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