Oblivious to the work of Jesus?

TGIFstarsI took this picture while on a lunch date with my amazing wife today at TGI Fridays.  While we were eating I noticed two parents walk in with their little boy.  He looked to be about 3 years old.  The parents were conversing with the waiter and apparently oblivious to what was grabbing their son’s attention.  Do you see the three stars in this picture?  Well, he did!  With exhileration, he would point up and say, “There’s a star!”  Almost immediately, he would point across and say, “There’s another…and another!”

This child was totally immersed in noticing these exciting, new objects around him.  The adults, however, did not take note of his discoveries.  For them, these stars had simply blended in to the rest of their surrounding environment.

This 15 second event really caused me to think.  How often do I do this with the work of Jesus?  If I seriously take the time to closely examine the things going on around me, how much of Jesus’ activity do I gloss over because I’ve  allowed it to become camouflaged in the midst of a forest of ‘blah?’

If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.   Jer. 29:13

Are you letting Jesus-stuff blend in…..becoming just blah?  How do you plan to remedy this?  How will you strive to see Him in the unseen today?

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2 responses to “Oblivious to the work of Jesus?

  1. That is amazing when we can become as little children and view the wonder’s of Jesus and his gifts that he offers to us for the taking.

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