‘UNsocial’ Media

photo by: erelations.info

photo by: erelations.info

According to Reuters, people are getting more rude and cutting relationships short on social media.

It was a good article, but……Duh!  Haven’t we all noticed this?

It’s not just teens who are breaking up with their boyfriends and girlfriends,  married adults are now leaning on Facebook and Twitter to hash out their arguements throughout the day.

So what’s the problem?

Whether online or via texting, anything short of ‘physical’ conversations dealing with conflict resolution is simply ineffective.  Tone of voice, facial expressions, pauses, emotions, etc. are all completely lost.  These are absolutely critical when communicating important relational matters.  We may type or text one thing, but it is interpreted in a completely different way.  We can take things online completely the wrong way, when most relational mishaps could probably be avoided entirely by simply waiting to talk it out in person.

The best part about this article was the last sentence, urging people to take their highly emotional conversations off-line.  Face to face discussions are always the best!

Do you agree?  What have been your experiences?


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