Where’s Waldo…I Mean, Jesus?

The ‘Where’s Waldo’ books and puzzles have been around for years….since 1987 to be exact.  Some are more challenging than others.  You’ve seen these, right?  Waldo and other characters are always dressed in bright red and white stripes, which would suggest that they would be rather easy to pick out in a crowd.  As it turns out, however, its not really that simple.

photo from Facebook

photo from Facebook

This makes me think of taking my kids to Chuck E. Cheese when they were little.  Have you ever tossed your 3-year-old into one of those huge tubs of multi-colored plastic balls?  You would think your kid would stick out like a sore thumb.  Not the case!  At least with my kids, they would inevitably wiggle to the bottom allowing the balls to conceal their location.  I don’t think there was a time when I didn’t have to climb in there myself and fish them out.

So, where is Jesus???

For those of us who have accepted His gracious gift of salvation by our faith, He tells us this:

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.   Mathew 28:20b  (NLT)

He is with us….with you and I…always!  That’s awesome news.  But isn’t Jesus a bit like Waldo in our daily crazy-paced life?  We should be able to see Him in everything we do and everywhere we go.  I mean, He is with us.  Didn’t we just read that?  The issue here is that often we allow Him to become lost in the crowd.

The crowd of…

…waking up late

…getting sick

…becoming angry at the barista who got our coffee wrong

…monthly bills adding up to more than our income

…our ‘to-do’ list always being longer than our ‘done’ list


So, here’s what we do.  Recognize our particular ‘crowd.’  Realize that Jesus really is nearby.  And ReFocus our attention on the things of Jesus as we go about our day.  When we do this our crowd eventually becomes filled with Jesus moments.  We start to see Him in the frustrations of life….not just the pleasant stuff.

Where did you see Jesus today?  Leave a comment below.

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