No Resolutions – Just One Word!

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After reading my friend’s blog on this ‘One Word’ thing I got really excited.  You see, I’m not one for resolutions.  Like most, I believe those are destined to be broken.  But give me a theme or focus to live by?  Now I can work with that!

Every Thursday our staff gathers for what we call Crave.  It’s an hour of prayer, time in the Word, and reflection.  I dedicated most of my time that day focusing on what my One Word might be for this new year.  Recently, I’ve been making some pretty significant changes in my personal and professional life.  These changes (improvements) started back in November.  But I didn’t want them to fall victim to ‘resolution syndrome’ and gradually wear off by the end of February.  I want (NEED) them to stick!

As I let these thoughts marinate a while, my ‘One Word’ came to me.

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, STRIVE means: to devote serious effort or energy (or) to struggle in opposition.  That’s it…perfect!  And Colossians 3:23 sums it up like this in the HCSB…

“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men,”

If I look back a bit, I think these might have been my ‘One Words’ in recent years:

2012 – FOCUS

2011 – FORGIVE

2010 – HEAL

Let me ask you, in what way(s) are you hoping for this year to be different than 2012?  And what would your ‘One Word’ be?


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4 responses to “No Resolutions – Just One Word!

  1. So pumped that you are doing the One Word Challenge Journey… It both a challenge AND a journey!! I am looking forward to STANDING firm this year, with whatever He brings my way… New baby, new duty station and who knows what else (all in a matter of 4 months.) Will be praying for your Word to get off to a great start!

    Blessings brother! (And thanks for the pingback.)

  2. troyfarley

    My one word: Perseverence

  3. troyfarley


  4. Brianna

    My one word: Dream

    I’m dreaming big for my future that is about to become a reality April 27, 2013. I’m going to follow my dreams until they are accomplished. My dream of becoming a nurse is unfolding before my eyes and I couldn’t be happier. My next dream of becoming an OB nurse is going to be a battle but I won’t stop until the dream is being carried out!

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