Reach through your doubt and grasp His robe

photo by: freakingnews.comHave you ever felt like you simply could not get through to Jesus?  Does He, at times, seem distant due to the turmoil in your busy lifestyle?  If you’re like me, you’ve even wondered why Jesus would take notice of our seemingly insignificant negative situation in the midst of greater human needs in the world today.

Once again, it all comes down to our amount of faith.

Remember the event of the unclean woman in Mark 5?  As usual, there were a ton of people following Jesus like paparazzi without cameras.  The Bible even suggests that He didn’t know the woman was there until the ‘power had left Him.’  Isn’t this an interesting miracle?  This woman receives physical healing and she was not even on Jesus’ radar!

I have often felt that I needed to have the full attention of Jesus before He could do a special work in my life.  But this passage confirms otherwise.  It is our faith in Him alone which works miracles.  We don’t need to dance Gangnam Style in front of Him or paint W.W.J.D across our body to get His attention.

So, what is surrounding Jesus today that is prohibiting you from reaching out to Him?  Your own doubt?  Finances? Self-esteem?  Whatever it is, you must do three things.  Reach, grab, & believe!

Reach through whatever is separating you from the person of Jesus.  This requires action.

Then, grab ahold of Him.  This acknowledges our need for Him.

Lastly, have faith!  Reaching out and touching His robe in ‘hope’ of something good will not necessarily do it.  Faith is believing, so we really do need to ‘know’ Jesus will do an incredible work in our life.

What are you desperate to receive from Jesus today…and what is holding you back?


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