Who doesn’t like fresh-cut grass?

My son recently informed me that he does not like the smell of fresh-cut grass.

What?  I thought everyone loved that smell.  Everything I’ve previously known to be true is now crumbling.

We were walking across the lawn on our way to play some tennis at our apartment complex.  You could still hear lawnmowers across the way.  I said, “Hey, you smell that? Man I love the smell of fresh-cut grass.”  My son turned around with a slight frown on his face and replied, “I don’t!”

photo by: it.wikipedia.org

Upon digging a bit deeper I found that for him this smell was related to a negative early childhood experience.   My two oldest boys started playing little league football at ages 7 & 9.  He informed me that they would cut the grass right before a game, and that the smell only brought back memories of sweat, exhaustion, and pain.  Now, this is still very curious to me because all 3 of my boys still play football today….and they do cut the grass on the field here too!

I have an odd one for you.  I think of my first day of school any time I smell cool, Fall air blowing through an old, dusty window.  Upon writing that last sentence I realize that I’m as goofy as my son.

So…..what is a smell, taste, scenery, or experience that vividly reminds you of another time?  Good or bad?  Share your experience here.



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