Don’t Worship Your Faith

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A thought occurred to me recently.  We all know that taking our eyes off of Jesus is something most believers battle against.  When we’re being mindful of this, however, we are usually focusing on bad things.  You know….greed, lust, hate, envy, etc.  But try this one on for size.  Worship of our faith.  Might I suggest that we can almost slip into an area of ‘Idol Worship’ when it comes to our faith.  Check out this passage and I’ll explain.

‘For God chose to save us through our Lord Jesus Christ…’  1 Thessalonians 5:9a  (NLT)

The means to our salvation is Jesus via the Father’s love and grace for you and I.  Salvation is a free gift, and we should definitely be thankful for it.


…there’s more to living the Christian life than salvation.  Its the beginning of our journey with Christ.  It is through our faith in Him that we receive salvation.   Its the foundation.  Its the initial stroke of paint on the Picasso of our new life with Him.  Now for the caution!  Let us not become selfish and complacent with our daily living.  God calls us all to more.  He has more to offer you.  Our faith is not ours to hoard.  Simply stated (and not as simply carried out), Jesus longs for us to learn more about Him…and take others along with us.  THIS is Christian community.

How are you living beyond your faith?  What have you learned from others around you who do this well?  Share your comments below with others.


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