When God Seems Quiet

photo by: designofsignage.com

This is a follow-up post to When God says, “Wake Up!”…which you might read before finishing this post.

I have had a wonderful 3 days away with Jesus.  Away from the distractions that are usually  a part of work, home, task lists, etc.  The crazy thing is…I love my life more now than ever!  I’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for more than 20 years.  Our love for each other has been like a fine wine.  (you know how the saying goes.)  My kids are doing great too!  I’m so proud of them.  Now, our family is far from perfect.  Have you ever watched the TV show, ‘The Middle?’  Yep, that’s pretty much us.  But, none of my 4 kids are smoking (anything), drinking, partying, getting arrested, getting pregnant, or rebelling.  And…they know & love Jesus!  For any family, especially a ministry family, that’s something to celebrate.

I’m reading more than I every have.  I used to hate reading due to having moderate Dyslexia, but have recently acquired a real joy for it.  I’ve even learned methods of improving my productivity at work.  By the way, on that subject, I flippin’ love my job!  I really do.  If you are paid staff at a church you might understand/empathize with me when I say that in 20 years of ministry I’ve never come close to serving in such a healthy, God-led church.  Its a true blessing I thank God daily for.

Upon leaving 2 days ago, I planned on doing lots of studying for a class I’m putting together for September.  I’ve also been spending some very specific time with God and in his Word.  Usually when I do this He reveals some enormous and profound revelation to me.  But…..not this time.  Or, has He?

Here’s what I learned in the past 2.5 days (still mulling through day 3):

– There are times when God simply doesn’t have anything to say to us.  We need to be O.K. with that!

– There are times when we don’t have huge needs of God.  Marriage, money, career, health are all doing great.  In these times, let’s be prayerfully thankful….not far off and silent.

– Sometimes, we must be physically removed (temporarily) from the blessings around us in order for us to really notice them.

This, the noticing, is what God did for me this week.  I am richly blessed, and thankful!

What has Jesus been saying to you lately?  Or has He been silent?  Join the discussion and comment below.  You just might bless someone else.


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