Look Down Upon Your Waves

I live in GA now, but I spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest.  One of my best memories is taking summer vacations on the Oregon Coast.   Sites like Haystack Rock, the Devil’s Punchbowl, and Yaquina Head Lighthouse are simply breathtaking.  In my quiet time this morning, these images were vividly brought back to my memory after reading these two verses.

From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed.  Lead me to the towering rock of safety, for you are my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.   Psalm 61:2-3 (NLT)

Do you ever feel like the Enemy is having an easy time attacking you?  I’ve been there.  Well, I would suggest sometimes we simply need to climb higher.  When waves are endlessly crashing on the beach, you can climb up and stand on one of these rocks and be unaffected by the waves.  In fact, most of the time you can’t even feel the vibration of the waves hitting the rock underneath you!

This is what its like with God!

When we are being attacked from all directions, we can climb high upon Him and be safe.  Don’t be fooled, however.  We may still see  the waves coming after us.  But the key is being fully aware of what/who we are bracing ourselves on. Don’t try to secure yourself upon your own knowledge, a spouse, a best-selling self-help book, or even your Pastor.  They are not as stable and secure as Jesus.  Those things will always fall short of the security Jesus’ rock offers.

Challenge:  Identify your waves.  Are their origins coming from marital issues, finances, a medical condition, or unclear direction for your life?   Climb high on the rock of Jesus.  Sometimes being able to look down on top of your waves can reveal a different point of view on your situation.


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  1. Phil Staten

    Thank you Brent! Affirmation of what our Lord spoke to me during WMOG study this morning with the men at Starbucks. As with Paul, as with all of us, as God manifests His Plan and we are struck off the donkey, blinded and needing help, climb up on the Rock, our Lord Jesus. Dust yourself off, and listen… He will tell you were you are to go, what you need to do to fulfill His Plan.

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