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Are you lethargic in your Faith?

We’ve all been there.  Those times in life when it seems that there couldn’t possibly be even one more trial to hit.  And, of course, it usually does.  Have you ever noticed that in those moments of life we can take on the appearance of a chronic whiner?  You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  I’ve been one of them before.  These are people who usually really do have constant, legit, painful  circumstances in their life.  It seems as if they can never catch a break.  But even as born-again believers, they fall victim to allowing their negative circumstances to completely blind them from view of the plethora of blessings God has provided.

Check out this passage in the book of James.

Are any of you suffering hardships?  You should pray.  Are any of you happy?  You should sing praises.  Are any of you sick? You should call for the elders of the church to come and pray over you, anointing you with oil in the name of the Lord.  Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well.  And if you have committed any sins, you will be forgiven.    James 5:13-15  (NLT)

Wherever we find ourselves in different moments of life, James says its never acceptable to cruise through.  God is always active in us, therefore, we should be also!  Is your life, for lack of a better word, pretty crappy.  Then actively pray…or have other believers pray with and for you.  On the contrary, is your life so blissful and easy at the moment that its even hard to imagine Heaven being any better?  Then actively ‘sing praises!’

I’m not minimizing the effects of chronic physical pain, the loss of a loved one, or even depression.  But let’s not forget….God IS bigger than all of these!  He really is.

Do you believe this?  Or have you allowed something in your life to render God shackled and helpless?  If the second of these is true for you, give it to Jesus today.

Last thought:  Ask yourself, “What is one blessing you have from God that you can notice today?”

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God says, “Quit!”

In Mac language we could even say, ‘Force Quit.’  Why?  Because this subject is not easy.  It takes determination and a thought out plan.
Here are some practical reasons for having a day of rest (a Sabbath).

1.  God did it.

His example should be good enough for us.  Period!

2.  God asks tells us to.

Its a simple question of obedience.  As followers, we don’t get to pick and choose when we listen to Him.  God’s not an egotistical power-monger.  He always has reasons behind what He tells us…and we need to be OK with not always understanding those reasons.

3.  We are not God…we need the rest.

Whether you work the ticket booth at the local cinema or you’re the CEO of a major corporation…you CAN take one day a week to NOT work.  Screen your calls, mute your iPhone, don’t check emails, stay away from the office.  Not making yourself do this is a major problem.

4.  It says a lot about our priorities when we observe one.

 Taking a weekly Sabbath day demonstrates commitment to God, our family, and our own spiritual health.  And if you’re a pastor, it models a good example to your staff and church body.
Now, make a list of all the reasons that are keeping you from having a day of rest, rejuvenation, and awareness of God’s blessings  in your life.  Take that list to God in prayer and devise a plan to work past them.
What could you benefit from setting aside one complete day for this kind of rest?

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