Divorce helps the economy…really?

I was watching the evening news the other night and was amazed….no, disgusted….at what they were reporting.  Apparently, arecent study showed that a significant spike in divorces over the past twelve months have actually helped the economy.  Generally speaking, it creates financial flow for the attorneys, courts, counseling offices, and housing market.  Those going through divorce also find themselves buying new cars, clothing, and electronics…mostly for self-esteem reasons.  Demographically this all makes sense.  But it doesn’t make it GOOD!

Here’s where I had a problem.  They reported this with an odd ‘spin’ to it.  The spin was essentially this: “With the divorce rate going up, at lease we can look at the positive effect on the economy as a good thing.”  Look….’good‘ and ‘divorce‘ should NEVER be used in the same sentence.  As a child of divorce, I tend to be very sensitive to this issue.  On the other hand, I’ve also had experience counseling couples enduring marital struggles.  So let me be very clear on something here.  There are times when divorce is necessary…unavoidable.  But that doesn’t make it good!  I believe God can (and does) bless us in spite of divorce, but its not His original plan for us.  He desires so much more for you and I.

My wife and I are both children of divorce.  We have a real passion for blended families, and helping them strengthen their current marriage so that it is their last marriage.  Wherever you’re at with your spouse, please know that God’s hopes for your marriage are so much more than any of us could ever hope for ourselves.

What do you need from God today?


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