Parking Lot Rage!


The other day I had just purchased a few items at the store and I was walking out into the parking lot.  About the time that Irealized I was one aisle over from where I parked, I noticed a car was slowly following me.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this before.  They were waiting for me to get in my car and leave so they could have that parking spot.  (I was walking near the front of the store)  Well, as I turned to the right and started cutting through to where I was parked I heard their engine rev up as they sped off in frustration.  They had waisted their time following me for a parking spot they weren’t going to get.  Yes, that can be very frustrating.  But it wasn’t my fault!

The Christian life is like this sometimes.  Often we can find ourselves following the wrong person or example, which can lead to  aggravation.  Another scenario is also true.  There are times that we are asked or encouraged to follow a particular leader…only to be greatly hurt and disappointed by their failure or shortcoming.  I’m not saying not to follow others!  It is absolutely critical that we have spiritual mentors or life coaches in our lives.  What I am suggesting is this.  Follow others with the honest intent to learn and grow…but make a conscious effort to acknowledge that at some degree people will always let us down.  They will always disappoint us to some degree.  Why?  Because people are imperfect and we all have hurts.  The ultimate mentor is Jesus Christ.  He will never mislead you.  No matter where you are at, you can follow Him and you’ll always have the advantage of gaining His parking spot.

Who’s your mentor or life coach?  If you don’t have one, start praying for God to reveal a person (same gender) you should ask.


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