Gas prices and Jesus

Gas prices are going up quickly.  The price per gallon just jumped to $3.48 where I live.  Well, I was taking two of my boys to a basketball game after lunch today and my wife suggested that I stop in that town to fill up the tank.  Gas is usually much cheaper there and its only 20 minutes from our home.  I was barely running on time for their game as I drove by one gas station that advertised $3.31/gal.  I thought, “Cool, I’ll drop them off and stop for gas there on the way back.  Just 10 minutes later I’m pulling up to that same location…only to notice that the price had already changed to $3.40/gal.  I was so frustrated that I didn’t just stop and take advantage when I had the chance.  So I went a little further down the road and found another gas station that was still at $3.33/gal.  This wasn’t as great a deal, but I was going to have to settle for that rather than $3.40.  Basically…I missed out!

I would argue that many times we encounter the same situation in regards to receiving God’s blessings.  He speaks to us in all sorts of ways.  I don’t know about you, but there have been many times that I have heard Jesus clearly call me to do something very specific in ministry or simply engage in a casual conversation with someone I don’t know.  Some of those times I have obeyed…and I was blessed for it.  Other times have been similar to my gas station experience today.  For whatever reason, I chose to not do what Jesus was clearly desiring of me….and I missed out!

The reality is this.  When we hear His voice (or tugging on our hearts) telling us to do something and consciously choose to ignore Him, we are relinquishing massive blessing to someone else.  Moreover, we are potentially hindering what Jesus wants to do in someone else’s life!

Connection point:  How have you ignored Jesus’ voice in the past (or recently)?  How can you plan to listen and obey His voice next time He speaks to you?


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One response to “Gas prices and Jesus

  1. Kelly

    Brent I love this post! We just talked about this on Sunday night at Life School. Often when God wakes us up in the night to pray, or when a situation arises that we are too rushed to take notice of, or simply we say “no-I am too tired” or “I am too busy”. There really are no excuses good enough to miss out on what he is asking, or telling, us to do . Often we can come up with an excuse we think is good enough-then we do find that we misss out. Thank you so much for this great reminder!

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