Experience the real thing

Try to picture this setting.  You and a friend are just getting seated at a nice restaurant.  Your friend decides to order the prime rib steak!  While that sounds good to you too, you choose to wait.  A little while later their food arrives…sizzling with a heavenly aroma.  Now,they begin to eat it right there in front of you.  With every succulent, juicy bite they try their best to convince you that this IS the best steak they have ever had!  They are very convincing and you believe them…but for some reason you do not try the steak for yourself.  What?  Does that make sense at all?

For most of us, (especially who love steak) this sounds ridiculous.  We would never accept someone else’s positive experience as ‘good enough’ if we could have the same experience for ourselves.  The enjoyment & nutrients far outweigh the time involved in actually eating the steak.  So it is when it comes to spending time in prayer & reading our Bible.  As believers, we all know that we need to be spending quality time with God every day…..and we are also convinced of the spiritual benefits (nutrients) that will grow us.  Most of us have numerous devotional books, study Bibles & prayer journals on our shelf.  The big question is this…are you really satisfied with smelling that steak, or is your craving for God strong enough to sit down and chew on it?

Take this short survey to help you evaluate how you’re doing.


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