12 Days of Christmas: ‘Day 10’

Ten Lords A-Leaping:

This points to the Ten Commandments.  They are listed in Exodus 20.

These Commandments were given to Israel by God as a law to live by.  Their purpose is similar to what we have as Americans in our Constitution.  God’s intent, however, was not to simply to mandate restrictions over us.  His Commands are much more than written laws to be obeyed.  Because of His immeasurable love for you and I, He gave us His Law as a healthy standard of living to guide us.  Honoring these laws greatly aid in keeping our relationship with both God & each other healthy.

These Ten Commandments didn’t come from the hand of a god on a power-trip!  They were gifted to us as guardrails for life…to keep us from driving off the cliff.  May you take time today to thank Him for caring enough about us to encourage us to stay safe in His arms.


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