12 Days of Christmas: ‘Day 11’

Eleven Pipers Piping:

This points to the 11 faithful Apostles.  They are listed in Luke 6:14-16, including Judas Iscariot (#12) who betrayed Jesus.

The meaning of Apostle is literally to be a messenger or ambassador of the Gospel for Jesus.  You and I (as believers) are also Apostles.  Jesus has chosen us to partner with Him to communicate God’s love and grace to the world.  In this season of Christmas, what might you say we could be thankful of these Apostles for?  In other words, what do you think we could learn from them?  I would encourage you to read up on these 11 chosen few, and look for things that you might have in common with any of them.  Remember, you are chosen…by God!  Similar to these first Apostles, Jesus wants us to come to Him walking on water…feed 5,000 people with almost nothing…and meet the needs of others purely out of compassion and love!


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