My piggy bank is too small

There is a local community event where I live that revolves around a massive finger football tournament.  Well, my wife happened to read on Facebook that one of our church families (who are very involved in that event) were there with their 5-year-old daughter.  She had heard that there were prizes for finalists…so she asked, “Do I get a dollar if I win?”  Her mother informed her that the 1st place prize was $750!  To this realization the young girl responded, “Oh….well I don’t think that would fit in my piggy bank.”

Now, I’ll give you a second to respond like my wife and I did…and probably everyone else that read it.

“Awwww…..that’s so cute!”

Moments after hearing this a thought came to my mind.  This is exactly where some people are in their understanding of God and His love & grace.  I would suggest that many people really struggle with the magnitude of incredible promises & gifts God has for us.  And in relation to this little girl’s piggy bank, many of us place limitations on our ability or capacity to receive all that God desires to bless us with.  Look at this verse:

Praise the Lord!  How joyful are those who fear the Lord and delight in obeying his commands.  Their children will be successful everywhere; an entire generation of godly people will be blessed.  They themselves will be wealthy, and their good deeds will last forever.     Psalm 112:1-3 (NLT)

Wow!!!  Successful everywhere?  Entire generation blessed?  Wealthy?  Sounds like a piggy bank the size of Fort Knox!  But it’s not!  It’s less of an issue of our capacity to receive His blessings, and much more our willingness to accept them with His love.

Do you know what God wants for your life?  He has plans for you…hope and a future.  What are you waiting for?  His promises are real and plenty.  But you do need to decide if you will accept them…or refuse them.  Choose wisely and your piggy bank will burst under pressure!   

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