Shout toward your miracle

As Christians, we are often taught that it is not good to yell and shout.  But in the 11th chapter of John we witness an incident of Jesus himself yelling!  That’s right…Jesus raises his voice.

Lazarus had become extremely sick and died before Jesus could heal his illness.  By the time Jesus and his disciples arrived, Mary was crying because her brother had been dead and buried in a cave for 4 days.  Moved with great emotion along with everyone else there, Jesus tells them to remove the stone concealing the tomb.  Mary’s sister, Martha, reminds Jesus that Lazarus had been dead for 4 days…there’s going to be a foul odor…it’s too late! 

So here’s the yelling part.  They finally do what Jesus is asking them to do and open the tomb.  Jesus prays to his Father, and then shouts “Lazarus, come out.”  Of course we know the rest of the story…Lazarus comes back to life and walks out of the tomb.  Amazing!

Here’s a question for you today.  What stone is in your life that you would like Jesus to move?  Or are you afraid that if you allow Him the opportunity to perform a miracle in your life only rotting odor will come of it?

If that’s where you are, I have three words for you.  DON’T DOUBT…..SHOUT!   Look at what Jesus did in an impossible situation.  He approached the problem, prayed an unselfish prayer, and then shouted toward the miracle as a command…not a request!

If your heart is in it…if good will come from it….and if God will get all the recognition through it, then shout your miracle into action.

Where do you need to trust Him today?


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