Faith beyond a haircut

Recently, I was standing in the lobby of our church on a Sunday morning when a 6-year-old boy looked at me and said, “I got a haircut today!”

Sharing in his moment of excitement, I replied, “I can tell….I got one too!” (note: I shave my head every 2 weeks)  With absolutely zero change in facial expression he looked at me and proclaimed, “I can’t tell.” 

That moment was cute and hilarious.  But it quickly got me thinking about what is noticed versus not noticed in our journey with Jesus.   Hopefully we are taking time to study the Word, pray, and serve others.  And I think we would all say that we hope these things will bring positive change in our lives…..visible to those around us….especially to those who know us best!  Take a look at what Jesus tells us:

‘I have given you an example to follow.  Do as I have done to you.’    John 13:15 (NLT)

It’s a ‘heart’ thing.  I’m so glad that it goes far beyond noticing whether I got a haircut or not.  If you’re feeling happy and blessed today or discouraged and hopeless…..either way, let those around you notice Jesus in you!  In doing so, you will put a smile on the face of God.  And might I add that it just might transform your outlook on your current situation.  God is joy and love.  Others should see that in us!


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