“I already have one!”

This Sunday morning I was leading a small group of 4th/5th grade girls.  One particular activity we had was to ‘build’ the perfect Dad.  You see, prior to class dozens of men’s heads, arms, legs, torsos, etc. were cut out from magazines.  The group had to dump all the parts out on the floor…pick their favorite fatherly attributes…and build away!  Now, just before we began the first round one of the girls raised her hand.  “Mr. Brent,” she said, “I don’t need to do this activity.  I already have one!”

Of course, the lesson was supposed to be teaching that God is our perfect Father in Heaven.  But I couldn’t help being taken back by this young girl’s heart-felt & sincere love for her earthly father.  What a blessing.

Which leads me to beg this question.  Can you relate to this young girl when you think about your own father?  Might I encourage you that it doesn’t matter really  how you answer.  Because either way….you are the child of an awesome, loving, loyal, forgiving, and understanding Heavenly Father!  You are His….and you are loved.  So you see, you already have one too!

1 John 3:1


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