Emergency vs. Consistency

Romans 12:12 reads:

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.

What a great word of instruction from Paul. It seems to me that Paul’s intent would be for this to be a daily application no matter what is going on. Yet, wouldn’t you agree that many times we approach passages like this as an emergency verse? Think of this. What if it were possible for us to go two or three weeks without food or water, yet feel virtually healthy? Then suddenly, and without warning, we experience this incredible hunger. We find ourselves eating and drinking vast quantities of food, as if to make up for lost nutrition. Now, we all know that this scenario is highly unlikely and unhealthy. Why then do we tend to consider scripture like this? We can last extended periods of time not feeding on God’s Word and still feel perfectly fine spiritually. It’s when difficulties in life come our way that we instantly feel that loss of spiritual nourishment, and diminished strength to endure.
My prayer for you this week has three parts:
1) May you remain confident in your hope in Jesus.
2) Whether trouble sneaks up on you or hits you like a ton of bricks, may you have patience and persistence to carry you through.
3) With whatever is going on in your personal life, workplace, family, or church…keep on praying!
Today, are you experiencing anger? Keep on praying.
Are you hurting? Keep on praying.
Are you confused? Keep on praying.
Are you comfortable in Gods arms? Keep on praying.


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