Hey…Bug Off!

I was recently traveling down a country road in Western Georgia at night.  I had my window down; one thing I’m quickly learning you don’t do at night in GA.  Then, without warning, something came flying through my window.  It hit my arm and when I glanced down I saw one of the biggest, ugliest black bugs I’ve ever seen!  It must have been an inch…and it was just lying there on my leg trying to crawl.  Now, I don’t like bugs….at all.  So I frantically shouted to my wife (she was driving) to pull over.  She brought the car to a screeching halt as I simultaneously kicked open the passenger door, flicking the wretched beast to the road with my finger.  Then, like someone who had just robbed a bank and hopped into their getaway car, I slammed the door shut and yelled, “Go, go, go!”

Later that night, (after my heart rate dropped below 125) the incident got me thinking.  This is exacted how God wants us to react to sinful temptations.  Listen to how Romans 12:9b reads from the Message:

‘Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good.’

Paul is not making a casual suggestion here.  Sin is extreme…and it calls for pulling off the road and kicking the issue to the street!

This week, may you recognize those temptations that WILL fly at you…and may you have a radically assertive reaction to them.


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