Forest or Desert?

So where are you at today?

Are you currently roaming the forest, surrounded by food, shade, and an overpowering presence of God everywhere you turn?

Or have you found yourself wondering about in the desert, experiencing seemingly nothing more than abundant dry heat and sand?  Your sense of direction is completely void where you are.

If you cannot relate to either, you are most likely somewhere in between.

Wherever you are, however, know this!  You are where you are (doing what you’re doing) for a reason.  God IS right there next to you.  He’s going to be by your side the entire way.  He is using you…whether you realize it or not!  Simply say ‘yes’ to what He has for you right now, and tomorrow WILL become a bit clearer.

All that we experience each day is fully experiencing God.  The problem?  We’re usually too busy, distracted, or consumed by meaningless stuff to notice Him in it all.

Today, may you fully experience His presence wherever you are.  In the forest, feel Him in the leaves and branches gently touching you.  He is there!  In the desert, know that He is in the millions of tiny grains of sand between your toes and blowing into your hair.  You can’t escape His presence.  He is there!

Know Him….feel Him….and trust Him today!


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