God’s Church on Caffeine

Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.      Romans 12:11 (NLT)

In this chapter of the book of Romans, Paul is encouraging the church on the character it should have.  In fact, the over-all tone is being a living sacrifice for others.  He addresses topics such as love, forgiveness, and patience…as if these are going to be sacrificial acts from time to time.  And they are.  But His Spirit enables us so we can continue moving forward in God’s call on our lives.

Our church just completed a very busy and intense week of VBS.  It was awesome!  And as I read this verse in Romans this morning, hard work & enthusiasm really stuck out to me.  So many CCC members came together this week, working hard and serving God enthusiastically.  Regardless of time crunches, expense, and physical & emotional demands….Christ’s church stepped up.  They were sacrificially obedient.  And the results were clear.  Lives were changed, hearts were touched, and most important…Jesus’ name was lifted up.  It was a week of worship, saturated in sweat & exhaustion.  Yet I would suggest that it caused God to grin on His people.

May He grin on you today.  And may you find the joy in working hard for others, especially if you don’t know them.


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