Leave your soulprint in the soil of humanity

What does it look like to be ‘approved’ by God (2 Timothy 2:15) …or being really prepared (1 Peter 3:15)…and what is meant by ‘winning friends?’ (Proverbs 11:30)

Recently, I was given a glimpse into the life of a man that depicted these very qualities.Among other things, he was a faithful husband and a loving father & grandfather. But there was something else…..something more central to the ‘who’ in my friend, Barry. You see, Barry had a passion that drove him every day. It’s really quite simple, yet most of us struggle with it more than not. Barry genuinely cared about others, and he had no problem sharing the Good News of Jesus with others. To my knowledge, Barry hadn’t been through seminary or studied under Billy Graham. He had, however, an incredibly obedient heart. Matthew 28:19 was simple to Barry…it was an obedience issue, and he obeyed daily. My friend hated complicating things. I think this is why most believers find it problematic to share Christ…we over-analyze it to the point of making us inadequate. His memorial service brought a packed house, from family & close friends to a delivery guy. Barry’s physical being may be no longer with us, but his impact on those he had contact with will last for a lifetime.

May you (and I) thirst to touch lives through Jesus like Barry so effortlessly did. May we leave our soulprint in the soil of humanity.


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